Tube Cutter

  • High Speed coldsaw cutting in diameters of up to 5.500" diameter
  • Round, Square, rect, shapes, and extrusions
  • Solid, tube, structurals, extrusions, and shapes.
  • All grades from carbon steel to exotic high alloys.
  • Material lengths from a couple inches to 40'
  •  Saw Capacity
                 Material Sizes: up to 20" round and 20"x24" rect. or square
                 Tube and pipe sizes exceeding 20"  cut using rotational fixture and CNC plasma           cutter
  • Cut lengths from .125" to 40'+
  • Miter cutting 0 - 60 degrees both directions (from 90)
    ​             Angles exceeding 60 degrees cut using secondary process and fixtures


CNC Plasma Cutter


  • .375"-3.500 diam or 3"x3" square & rect
  • Tube and light bar stock
  • Cut lengths 1" to 120"
  • Integrated wire brush deburring lengths from 6" to 10'
  • Shorter lengths manually deburred or Vibratoy Deburred
  • Table Cuts 5" x 10" plate
  • Rotational plasma fixture cuts tubes approaching 40" in diameter as noted above
  • "Sidecar" fixture locates and holds round, square, rect tube, and various shapes next to the plasma cutting table
         We use CNC Plasma cutter to cut profiles, shapes, and features into material.

Straight + Miter Cutting

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